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Designers face ambiguity in every step of the design process. There is a degree of uncertainty that we must embrace in order to build. Through intense design education, we have honed our ability to combine our instincts and our knowledge of design. We have each developed an intuitive sense of knowing when something is finished, when it is good or bad, or when we have brushed up against something new and exciting. By embarking on careers in a field where the answers are never black and white, we rely on our instincts and trust the design process.

You See It When You Know It is a play on the phrase “you’ll know it when you see it.” This catalogue features work created by Bachelor of Design 2019 Graduates and is the culmination of our efforts in our design studies over the past 4+ years. Each project started in that place of uncertainty, and through hours of work became a tangible manifestation of our research, technique, and intuition.

We invite you to explore with us.


April 2–13 2019

Opening night

Thursday April 4


FAB Gallery
1-1 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta

FAB Gallery Hours
Tuesday to Friday

2019 Grad Committee

VCD Grad Chair: Naomi Brierley
ID Grad Chair: Julie Kuhn

Treasurer: Martin Kreiner
Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Tang
Communications Coordinator: Maddy Fung

Visual Identity Designer: Peter Elima

Catalogue Designer: Jon Pape
Website Designer: Taryn Stener
Print Media Designer: Adanna Onuekwusi

Gallery Experience Designer: Zac Billard
Gallery Experience Designer: Jared Sykes