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Visual Communication Design|Business and Marketing
Sustainable Design + Social Design + Information Design
Challenging conventions in a playful and vivid way

What I enjoy about design is the impact that it allows us to have on the world. I’m passionate about designing for the betterment of people. I’m interested in using research, the practice of social innovation and sustainability to improve the way people interact with each other and the planet. I want to work in an interdisciplinary environment because I believe working alongside people of other fields as a designer can allow for a bigger impact on the change we want to make. I’m curious about a wide range of topics, from skateboarding culture to speculative design, and some days it feels like I can’t quite reach them all. But as I explore these different facets, I’m excited for the opportunities that will expand my understanding of what and who I can positively impact with design.


Ride and Rebel Conference


Coffee Bureau App


Book Redesign

Always curious, urban space admirer, and nap enthusiast.