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Visual Communication Design
Sustainable Design + UI/UX Design + Print Design
More than the visuals

If you know design, you know how hard it is to describe it to other people. Design is practically everything. Sitting in my room currently, I can probably spot over 100 things that have been designed. Although looking at beautifully designed things is so fulfilling/addicting to me, I would argue that design is much more than its aesthetic value. Design is about sharing important messages, mediating, addressing certain issues or ideas and doing so in a fruitful, clever, and intriguing way. Design is something that I never get bored of as it is always shifting with each new trend or rising topic. Every project brings with it the opportunity to learn something new and always finds a way to captivate me.


Coffee Bureau App


Book Redesign - Letters to a Young Poet


A Reversible Future Website

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