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Industrial Design
Product Design + Health Design+ Human-Centered Design
Gathering stories, translating research, and spring boarding change

Growing up, ‘fun’ for me was taking apart and modifying my toys, and this evolved into a passion for cars, motorcycles, and really anything that moves. When I was 16, I bought a car just to take it apart piece by piece. I have complemented the technical skills from my upbringing by studying design, learning that design is a scale between art and engineering, and bringing the appropriate amount of aesthetics and function to a project. Combining my background and education, I am able to create designs that bring joy and aid in the lives of others. An interest of mine is in medical and health design. This is an industry where I am able to use my skills as a “translator” to full effect. As a translator, designers can be the middle connection between experts and end users, making sense of the puzzle of research, interviews and insight in order to co-design new futures for the stakeholders involved.


Boccia Ramp


Harmony Desk Lamp


CW-01 Bedside Table



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