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Industrial Design|Engineering
Social Design + Product Design
Enthusiastic, Observant, Curious

I am curious and passionate about how the three-dimensional world operates, both structurally and socially, and the impact it can have on the daily lives of people. Where I see my value as a designer is being able to contribute and collaborate with different individuals to help make things work a little bit smoother or make someone’s day a little bit better. Using a rigorously iterative and research-driven design process, I strive to help others through design. I aspire to occupy a space in between the technical and emotional in order to work through any challenge. I am extremely thankful for all the different tools and techniques that I have acquired throughout my design education, all of which I plan on applying to my end goal of becoming an architect.


Rodere Rocking Chair


moontown Magazine

Trying to be on the ball and outside the box.