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Visual Communication Design
Print Design + Illustration + Marketing
Adaptive, Considerate, Pragmatic

I am a visual communication designer, and I am passionate about designing for print applications. Transferring from an English degree into the Bachelor of Design program in my second year of university, I’ve kept my passion for writing and storytelling, but found that with design I have been able to think and express myself even more outside of the words, sentences and structures with which I was so familiar. With experience in editorial design as the Art Director of The Gateway for the 2018–2019 year, I have only become more interested in the ways design can shape reading experiences, be it for branding applications that only have a second or two to catch your eye and communicate a single message, or for long, sustained reading, like in books and magazines, that steer and intertwine voices and narratives. I aspire to create, tell and present stories for others to enjoy.


Abracadabra! Conference Package


Book redesign: James and the Giant Peach


A La Carte: Hand-bound Book with signature design


The Arts District Wayfinding

Crafting the experience, layer by layer.