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Industrial Design|Social Sciences
Design Research + Product Design + Emotional Design
Curious, Thoughtful, Giving human names to inanimate objects

Hey, I’m designer Julie and I’m an interpreter. Borrowing people’s stories that speak from their perspectives, and translating them into usable and positive designs is what I am passionate about. Through my designs, I focus on tackling social issues that strive for justice and inclusion. I do this by embracing the context for which I am designing for, gathering information and emotion about the people who are part of the context, and then synthesizing it all into a thoughtful and significant interaction. Additionally, when I am making things, I like to have fun and create personalities that reflect and influence the shape of the product. This makes for a much more meaningful and lasting experience between people and product. Just like my designs I am also always changing and growing; whether it is through expanding and exploring my interests over time, or through the failures and successes I have experienced as designer Julie. I'm not quite sure where I am headed yet, but I'm open to suggestions.




Glen the Coffee Table


Typo Hooks

Designers don’t sleep, they dream.
— Unknown pretenious designer