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Industrial Design|Engineering
Design Research + Furniture Design + Strategic Design
Strategically managing issues and democratically creating solutions

My calling as a creative is to democratize all aspects of design through leadership. I strive to be a role-model, to both my colleagues and the general public, whose medium of communication is design. My skill set comes out most in the early stages of the process where I dig deep in research, using empathy in navigating ambiguity and managing the issues at hand. I always ensure that I am solving the right problem and that I understand it fully. I believe in the power of co-design as a learning-through-participation approach to creation. This way, everyday people assume stewardship of their designed environment and develop an emotional and ideological relationship with it.


'Calvin' Dresser and Bookcase


ETS Bus Stops For Driver Visibility


'Picnic' CNC milled laptop desk

This is about being unapologetically, proudly, loudly, literally-all-the-time French.