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Visual Communication Design|Certificate in Sustainability
Sustainable Design + Print + Typography
Form meets function meets collective responsibility.

As a designer and a human being, I am fascinated with how designers can influence behaviour change, specifically in regards to environmentalism. Throughout my time in the BDes program, I’ve enjoyed taking courses outside of the realm of design which have allowed me to deepen my understanding of the world and bring my learning into my design practice. This passion flourished when I worked for a social enterprise, Localize, on information transparency in the food industry. I’ve developed a deep sense of responsibility for the planet and all the people that inhabit it, and think constantly about how this responsibility manifests itself in my design work. I began my career as a designer at the Edmonton Digital Arts College where I finished in 2014. I am currently working for Sticks & Stones, a marketing agency driven by big ideas. I am a proud Edmontonian thriving without a car, which contributes to my passion for urban planning.


Design for the Real World


The Arts District Wayfinding



Always read the plaque and always thank the bus driver.