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Industrial Design
Design Research + Human-Centered Design + Music Design
A jukebox with every LP you ever wanted to hear.

My name is Patrick Dawe and I studied Industrial Design at the University of Alberta. I don’t feel that design has to be something deeply meaningful or world changing, but it is a good and noble goal to try, and it sure feels good when it is successful. I feel the value proposition of a designer is as a liaison to creativity, where design becomes the medium of how we experience the world around us. Industrial Design has moved much farther than being rockstars of chair design but instead being the activators of symbolic value in visual, tangible, and non-tangible systems. That being said, I feel design is fine and noble if it simply makes people happy, or if it brings a moment of pause that reciprocates gratitude between the design, which is the designers voice, and the design user. Stylistically, I often like to render my physical work with an Art Deco or Streamline influence, and my love of music and sound has manifested as my most common area of interest; I would be just as happy designing attractive hearing aids as I would designing guitars or microphones, or communication devices, or kitchen appliances. I try to put a little Rock and Roll into everything I do.




Harvest Express Bread Box

What’s that fur? Cat’s fur, fur making kitten britches.