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Visual Communication Design
Branding + Typography + Editorial Design
Occasionally simple and clean, most of the time unconventional.

I am a visual communicator and typographer that loves to design for human attention. Drawing human attention is one of the essential attributes of graphic design because it drives conversations and creates experiences in the human mind. Typography is the reason why I find visual communication design interesting. I am fascinated with how typography can be used to influence the mind of a person in reading and understanding words. In the future, I hope to explore typography more and how it can be used to help people. From tasteful and professional identities to unique and eye-catching visuals, the work that I create is vastly diverse. My works have received recognition from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada in 2017 for Editorial Design (Merit Award) and the RGD - Association of Registered Graphic Design in 2018 for Logo Design (Winner) and Typography (Honourable Mention). As a visual communication designer, I challenge what is expected in order to create work that is empathetic and memorable.


Dayuhan Conference


39th Annual Kilburn Memorial Concert


Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On Book Redesign


The Arts District Wayfinding

Sometimes we can be the Comic Sans in a world full of Helvetica.