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Industrial DesignVisual Communication Design
UI/UX Design + Service Design + Graphic Design
Collaborative, Outside-the-box, Multi-Faceted

If studying industrial design has taught me anything, it is that design is all interconnected. To be a skilled designer, I need a wide skill set and a broad understanding of the industries that I hope to design within. In my career, I aspire to never stop learning, to seek out the best possible solution, and to be more receptive to feedback and criticism. The best way to learn is from people who know more than I do, and the best way to design is alongside those I am designing for. One of the hardest and simultaneously most important lessons I learned in my degree is that I don’t know best. To be a great designer, I need help, I need research, and I need understanding. As a designer it can be easy to adopt a tunnel vision frame of mind, so my mission as a designer is to never settle for my first decent idea, but to continue to develop, iterate, and improve.


Fractal Mountains




Red Point by Sloper

Climbing things I probably shouldn’t, and the orange juice really is just for colour.