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Industrial Design
Design Research + Product Design + Health Design
Curious, humble, changing my direction in a pinch, and absolutely zero chrome renders

I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. I love being an idea-maker and a builder-of-things. What I really enjoy about being a designer is the individuals I have met, served, and educated along the way, and how these people contributed to my growth as a professional and as a person. I love telling stories that leave a lasting impact, and I find energy when working with other people. Design is my way to give back to the world, and it gives me fulfilment. I strive to make memorable designs that give emotional fulfillment to the people the designs are made for, in order to improve their lives and create positive experiences. When we question our own social practices, we can discover opportunities for design. Iā€™m excited to explore new industries and fields of study, and discover the impact I can have to create better futures.


Sockies: Accessible Physical Therapy


Privacy for Teens: Hospital Room Tent


Indskud Side Table


Personal Clothing Hangers

Can I change my grad quote?